Content is king. But not all content is born equal.

Yabber works with a team of experts and designer to design, build and optimise all forms of digital content including viral, video, multiplatform mobile apps, TV apps, games, widgets, articles, corporate blogs, social media pages, Facebook apps, websites and microsites. All content is unified across engagement points, optimised and its performance is tracked and measured through it entire life cycle.

What’s different about that?

The value of brands or organisations curating content has long been hotly debated.

At Yabber we believe that content can not be effective unless there is some one who uses and engages with it. Effective content needs context. We believe that content can not sit in a vacuum. It needs to align with business goals.

Effective content strategies always begin with the questions: ‘Who is the audience and what motivates them? What are our business goals and how can our content strategy support them?’

At Yabber all content strategies begin with audience analysis. And whether the output is a website, a Facebook page, a mobile application, a game or a widget or a corporate blog the strategy and approach works to drive the measurable, commercial objectives of the business and is an integrated component of the wider marketing mix.

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Yabber Expertise. What we do for you?
Defining and implementing earned media marketing solutions including customer profiling and segmentation techniques, analytics and buzz tracking technologies, digital and mobile marketing, social media and social media marketing, forums, blogs, event management,

PR (traditional and online), content creation (articles, video, mobile apps, games and websites) as part of integrated campaigns including direct marketing, affiliate marketing, email, TV, radio and print, SEO and paid search.


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