Silos – the death of successful brand engagement?

The Yabber team was recently asked by a digital luxury fmcg brand to analyse and make recommendations on their audience’s user journey between both branded and unbranded platforms. We wanted to share the studies we found.

The Yabber brief was to improve the user experience and also to drive conversions – from ‘like’, to ‘follow’, RSS, to calls into their national call centre and sales on their website. Many of the clients we work with have some great content across a diverse range of platforms – TV, mobile and web – engaging a broad customer base. But what some are still struggling to do is to ‘streamline’ all their assets by placing consumers at the centre.

The objective for all marketers has to be ensuring the user journey both on and between platforms is clear and enticing enough to drive them down the purchase funnel from low engagement / high awareness initiatives through to high engagement / customer acquisition, purchase (and repeat purchase) and ultimately user recommendation – without consumers feeling they are being ‘sold to’.

As part of the analysis we happened across a few interesting studies that we wanted to share with you that corroborate our own findings that brands are still not integrating their marketing strategy across platforms but continuing to operate within what Gartner calls ‘marketing silos’.

Research shows that 72% of consumers want to be engaged with an integrated marketing approach, but only 39% are receiving that. While Google found that consumers had 74% brand recall when the advertiser’s integrated strategy carried across mobile, TV and online.

What are your thoughts on all this?

Are you a marketing manager looking to improve the performance of your marketing strategy by joining up all the cross platform dots?

What examples of best or next practice have you found?

Comment publicly or drop us a private message.

Sources: Gartner via Google Images

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