Will tech determinism render social media as useful as a chocolate tea pot?

Pinterest, Pulse, Fancy, Flipboard, Badoo: As a new social networking platform emerges almost daily, clients often ask us ‘what’s hot?’ and ‘what’s new?’ in terms of technologies and platforms to help brands better connect with their audiences. But how important is the technology in defining social changes?

While no one can argue that the technology behind some of these emerging social networks is changing the way we communicate with our audiences we suggest it is not defining it. While we agree, consumers are increasingly ‘chatterboxing’ (the new term for media multitasking, as defined by a research study into the numbers of people using social networks while watching TV). But we would argue that this isnt new either.

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  Technological determinism is rendered social media as useless as a chocolate tea pot

Silos – the death of successful brand engagement?

The Yabber team was recently asked by a digital luxury fmcg brand to analyse and make recommendations on their audience’s user journey between both branded and unbranded platforms. We wanted to share the studies we found.

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  Social media is just a channel to market. Not The Answer. Source: http://tomfishburne.com/

Will Pinterest kill Facebook?

Pinterest is the hottest new social-networking tool. Hark, is that the death knoll for Facebook I hear?

Pinterest has hit the big time dominating the news agenda across celebrity gossip, political news and legal debates.

Pinterest.com, a virtual pin board to organise photos from all over the Internet indexed by shared interests or themes, has surged from oblivion to 12 million visits per month. It is being heralded as the fastest growing site ever although users are largely female prompting the Washington Post to call it “crack for women.”

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Google Images launches previews to related searches

Google today launched image previews of related searches when you hover over a related image. Hovering will open a dark gray box with previews of three to five images from the related searches – no click-through required.

For example when you search Greece in Google Images additional search terms are suggested (Green Athens, Greece Maps, Greece beeches etc) at the top of the page. When you hover over these related keywords, additional images are suggested to help inform your search.

This update is rolling out globally over the coming weeks, Google said in a blog post.



  Google-Images-Related-Search-Improvements copy

Does content drive commercial returns?

Content is king, as we so often hear but the internet is a republic. Which means that for a content strategy to drive a commercial return it has to get cut through in the democratic republic that is the World Wide Web

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Rumour Mill: iPad 3 set for March Launch?

The latest buzz coming from AllThingsD is that the iPad 3 will be unveiled as soon as March. Sources revealed today that the new edition will have a faster chip, Retina Display and better graphics. Start forming an orderly queue.



Google set to launch DropBox rival?

Google Drive, a cloud storage solution designed and powered by the search giant Google, may well be close to launch, according to sources at the Wall Street Journal

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