Are you a business leader intent on achieving superb results despite recessionary pressures?

We work with organisations like yours to deliver business success by transforming your customers into long term brand advocates. We help you listen and engage with your audiences and we guarantee to drive measurable, commercial returns for your business.

We help you drive down the marginal cost of advertising via measurable social or earned media strategies and project implementation.

We exist to add value to your traditional PR and marketing initiatives by applying and supporting a creative yet analytical approach to inform and drive the effectiveness of your entire media mix from paid media, owned media and earned media (including public relations) in delivering commercial returns including driving footfall, brand awareness, customer loyalty and conversions.

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We work with you to overcome your business challenges via integrated and measurable social media, mobile and digital strategy definition, implementation, training and workshops, as well as the design, build and amplification of multimedia content – from widgets to video, mobile and emerging technologies such as QR codes, virtual reality, collaborative buying applications, geo targeting, contextual advertising and the use of conversational management tools to monitor and understand perceptions to your brand (or its programs) benchmarked against the competition.

Our expertise includes defining and supporting digital and social media strategies, PR – online and traditional, mobile, search engine optimisation, social media optimisation and content strategies. We are also champions of journalist and blogger relations, community management, advocacy programs, content creation, brand reputation management, data and analytics all designed and built to drive the effectiveness of your entire marketing and communications strategy.

We work with you to integrate social or earned media into the DNA of your organisation.

This integrated approach to all earned or conversational media underpins the Yabber methodology across all strategic consultancy, research, insights, production and engagement.

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Technological determinism is rendered social media as useless as a chocolate tea pot

Will tech determinism render social media as useful as a chocolate tea pot?

Pinterest, Pulse, Fancy, Flipboard, Badoo: As a new social networking platform emerges almost daily, clients often ask us ‘what’s hot?’ and ‘what’s new?’ in terms of technologies and platforms to help brands better connect with their audiences. But how important is the technology in defining social changes?

While no one can argue that the technology behind some of these emerging social networks is changing the way we communicate with our audiences we suggest it is not defining it. While we agree, consumers are increasingly ‘chatterboxing’ (the new term for media multitasking, as defined by a research study into the numbers of people using social networks while watching TV). But we would argue that this isnt new either.

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Social media is just a channel to market. Not The Answer. Source: http://tomfishburne.com/

Silos – the death of successful brand engagement?

The Yabber team was recently asked by a digital luxury fmcg brand to analyse and make recommendations on their audience’s user journey between both branded and unbranded platforms. We wanted to share the studies we found.

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Yabber: Not just a social media agency.
We don't believe that social media should be a stand-alone channel to market. It may be the sexy new kid on the media block but we believe social media marketing should work as part of a holistic, earned media approach to inform and drive the effectiveness of the entire marketing

mix from TV advertising to outdoor, press to display advertising, direct marketing to PR, email to Pay Per Click (PPC), radio and PR (public relations) to affiliate marketing


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